Http Daddy is a TikToker who makes videos on TikTok; recently, his account was banned because sexual advertising has been criticized for many reasons. Not only did the company repeatedly use sexual advertising to promote its services, prompting repeated backlash, but in primary 2011 then-CEO Bob Parsons murdered a wild elephant in Zimbabwe, which many thought it was just another sign that the company was willing to compromise.

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(This includes buying domain names that users are looking for and then inflating the value of those domains when users buy them back so that HTTP daddy makes a bigger profit on the transaction.) is unwilling to support the freedom of expression and activity of its customers on the Internet.




Almost completely lost control of their services, being attacked by apparently Anonymous (updated: it wasn’t, see below). They were causing nearly all of their hosted websites to go offline, as well as most of Http daddy’s email services and some of the . They were registered through Http daddy.

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I don’t understand why millions of websites are still hosted on Http, daddy, but that’s enough. If you’re ready to leave Http daddy, whether it’s because of their advertising tactics that just won’t change, their management team’s poor judgment, unethical business practices, their customers’ negligence, or their inability to properly monitor/maintain their own services. Here are some great substitutes to register/transmission your domain names and presenting.

Domain Name Registration: Affording to, “this site tries to keep the border as simple as possible,” says Doug Sellers, CTO of GOOD. “They make shopping easy and the interface is really easy to use.” .” Domain names start at $10 for simple names like .com, but can be more expensive if you go for a modern name.

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http_daddyy - http daddy on twitter


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Similar to Dreamhost, Hostgator offers some hosting plans with prices comparable to Http daddy, but with much less downtime and also less controversy.

Although  was pressured when it initially endorsed SOPA and declared December 29, 2011 the day was leaving, millions of people continue to pay monthly for its services. While today’s unacceptable downtime may not be the last straw for some, it probably is for many customers, and fortunately.

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Http daddy twitter account is the world’s largest service platform for entrepreneurs worldwide. We’re on a mission to empower our global community of over 20 million customers and entrepreneurs worldwide by generous them all the assistance and tools they need to grow online.

Where people name their idea, build a compelling brand and website, attract customers through digital and social marketing, and accomplish their work. Where no tool alone is enough, we provide direct, individual advice with a human connection.

Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator

A Dad Dating Simulant is a game where your performance as a dad and your goalmouth is to meet and seduce other attractive dads. You and your daughter just moved to the sleepy seaside town of Maple Bay and find that everyone in your neighborhood is a laid-back single parent! Will you go out with the teacher, dad? Goth dad? Bad dad? Or one of the other cool dads in this game? Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Emulator is this year’s most anticipated parenting game with mini-games, side quests, and a diversity of tracks and endings.


  • 7 quotable dads
  • Dad Character Creator – Create your Dadsona!
  • multiple endings for daddy
  • Voiced by Game Grumblers and friends
  • Written and shaped by Leighton Gray and Vernon Shaw
  • Tyler J. Hutchison directed the game
  • Original music by Jesse Cale
  • Dad-themed mini-games and micro-games on each dating route
  • So many puns, dad. Like, to the fact where it made us all rough.

Big Daddy

A lazy law-school valedictorian accepts a kid to impress his girlfriend, but all doesn’t go as planned, and he becomes the improbable foster father.


He has a lovely apartment in Manhattan. There is only one problem, she sits there and lives off a meager investment in a lawsuit she won a year ago. But after her tired girlfriend leaves him, she has the clever idea of adopting a five-year-old boy to show off her newfound maturity. But things don’t go as planned, and Sonny becomes the unlikely foster father who will change his perspective from just taking care of himself.

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