PC does a designer need many of these creation and design programs can indicate the minimum requirements but not the recommended ones. In other words, they tell you the base you need so you can move the program quickly, but they don’t always tell you what you need depending on the magnitude of your projects

Not Everyone Needs The Same

As we indicated in previous entries, you must choose the right team. Then, when you intend to buy a computer to work, you have to list the uses you will give it and the programs you will run. Once this is done, you have to look at the requirements these programs ask for and take the highest of all of them as a purchase reference.

PC Does A Designer Need

pc Designer

“I want a PC for design, and the use that I am going to give it is for 3D projects, and the programs that I am going to use are 3D Max, VRay, and Lumion”. Very well, you already know the type of projects you will do and the programs you will use.

Lumion will be our reference since it is the program that asks for the most requirements and the one that best tells us how far we can create smoothly without overloading the team.

Design Students

The usual thing in these cases, where you are starting a design career. And in the coming years you will continue in it, they do not usually send heavy projects. They are also usually when we are young and do not have excess capital to invest in the PC.

The Right Workstations

The years we have been selling equipment to companies and freelancers dedicated to 2D and 3D design in all aspects have provided us with a great experience. It has enabled us to create configurations specially created for them. Computers range from affordable prices to the highest range with which to do all the projects without blinking an eye.

Starting Your Professional Career

You have already finished your degree and want to start professionally, accepting your first jobs. You can expand the last team as we indicated if these projects will not bring you much income and thus spend less.

It is best to upgrade the category, and also this Nitropc does it in every way. Another level processor, latest model graphics, and twice the RAM. But don’t worry, because the purpose is the same as in the previous one.

Projects Of Great Magnitude And Complexity

You have reached a high point in your career. You are 40 years old (or maybe a few more), have an excellent financial cushion. The projects and also clients that come to you now are enormous. It would help if you had a team that can move it all and does it well.


The formula to know which PC you need is not complicated. Like in many other industries and careers, designers go through many phases in their working life. It is essential to have the right equipment for each of these phases.