PC Gamer NX Ryzen best performance and a solid base with non-slip feet give it an excellent grip. It in your hands, you can appreciate that it is a robust and firm PC. Not only for being one of the best-sellers but for its unmatched balance of quality, price and performance. From casual gamers to pros to streamers, they’re getting it

Features and Design

NX Ryzen

It has an elegance unprecedented in PCs in this price range. Its transparent methacrylate sides and front will delight design gaming lovers. In addition, the blog followers will already know that we have a juicy novelty in the lighting section. You will have a third option in the ‘Configure it’ area. In addition to existence able to choose the classic blue or red nitro fans, you will have the new RING technology.

You can connect several screens simultaneously—a classic hybrid connection for old keyboards and mice and an Ethernet connection for high speeds.

High-quality screws will firmly fix the methacrylate panels to secure their structure. It has a power button, Reset, headphone port, microphone, two USB 2.0 and one USB 3.0 on the top. The logo of our brand completes its magnificent design.

Configuration And Great Longevity

Although the series is already a marvel, we always want to leave a creative margin for you. You can upgrade to 16GB of RAM, higher graphics, a faster SSD hard drive or a processor with more processing threads, and so on. Once you enter the NX Ryzen page, you can make the configuration that you like the most and that suits you.

Connections for headphones and microphone, both rear and front—Speaker input with excellent audio quality. Thanks to the Realtek ALC 887 Codec, you can have a high definition 7.1 sound with compatible sound systems.

Gaming Power For All Pockets

With AMD’s next-generation Ryzen processing structure, we will have magnificent performance. It has almost identical performance to the seventh generation i5 at a much lower price. We must add its 4GB GTX 1650 graphics card from Nvidia.

In games like Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, Fortnite Battle Royale, or Star Wars Battlefront 2, you will play them smoothly and with excellent graphic qualities. Other games like MOBAs ( League of Legends ) and MMORPGs ( World of Warcraft ).


A well-made decision is a phrase that defines this PC Gamer NX Ryzen. Customers who get it, whether in the standard configuration or with modifications, are pleasantly satisfied. As you know, we are not a company of words but facts. There is no greater trust generated than when things are shown.

In this case, there will be two. First, we want you to see all the current and demanding games. So there will be no doubt.