VPN Connection are by no means a new invention, but it is only now that they are gaining traction among the general public. While traditionally, their use was more common in the business environment. The versatility of this type of connection and its multiple uses make it increasingly popular.

Precisely that versatility that we were talking about is the same one that creates. And some other confusion about what precisely these VPNs are since VPN connections are increasingly being related to ” evil ” (with extensive quotes). Since some of their applications include the bypassing of geographic blocks. Greater anonymity on the Internet or even the blocking of advertising

What is a VPN?

VPN is the acronym for Virtual Private Network or virtual private network, unlike other more cryptic computer words such as DNS or HTTP. To connect to the Internet, your mobile, PC, television, and other devices generally communicate with the router or modem that connects your home with your Internet provider, either by cable or wirelessly. Of course, the components are different if you use your mobile’s data connection (which includes its modem and talks to the cell tower). Still, the essence is the same: your device connects to another, connecting it to the Internet.

What are VPN Connections for?


Indeed with the explanations above, you have already imagined a few situations in which VPN connections could be helpful. It is an open secret that they are essential in the corporate environment, but their uses do not end there. These are the primary uses of VPN connections.


The most apparent use of a VPN connection is interconnectivity in networks that are not physically connected. Such as workers who are currently out of the office or companies with branches in several cities that need access to a single private network.


Although it is not strictly necessary, it is common for VPN connections to be accompanied by encryption of the packets that are transmitted with them. So it is customary to hear the recommendation that, if you need to connect to a public WiFi access point. At least use you connect with a VPN.

Bypass Censorship And Geo-Blocking Of Content

With the heyday of the Internet and the roguishness of both content providers and users. Other more playful uses of VPN connections have become popular, many of them related to a straightforward concept

Advantages of VPN

  • It works in all apps, as it routes all internet traffic, unlike proxy servers, which you can only use in the web browser. And a handful of other apps that let you set advanced connection options.
  • Easily Connects And Disconnects
  • Once configured, you can turn the connection on and off as you please.
  • Additional security in WiFi access points, as long as the connection is encrypt, of course
  • Fake your location; as we have already seen in the previous section, a VPN connection is an effective way to avoid censorship or access content limited to a particular region.


VPN connections have advantages: more security, improved privacy. And circumvention of geo-blocks, before buying a VPN service or signing up for a free one.