The VR Glasses Compatible with PS4 currently exist so you can enjoy an ever-growing catalogue of virtual reality games; if you have not tried virtual reality yet, let us tell you that it is immersive and impressive. While PS4 VR headset-compatible games may not be awe-inspiring initially, VR headset gameplay changes everything. Whether reliving old games from a first-person perspective or playing indie games, you would never have given a chance to on your PS4.

Which VR Glasses work with PS4?

VR Glasses

There is terrible news, not all VR glasses are compatible with the PS4, so before you get disappointed. You should read this article thoroughly and know the best VR glasses for PS4 that you can buy.

Suffice it to say that PlayStation VR is 100% compatible with PS4 and is currently the only virtual reality headset compatible with this console. It is mainly due to the design, the physical setup of PSVR, and the lack of software support.

PlayStation VR

Over five years ago, the first PlayStation VR glasses were released in October 2016 for PS4. Although there have been further updates to the software and hardware of the original PS4 VR glasses, no new models have existed.

In terms of its design, the PS4 VR glasses are pretty different from other VR glasses on the market. And that is, they offer little freedom and too many restrictions on use. The PS4 VR glasses connect to the console via cables (precisely two HDMI cables. A USB cable and the line from the VR headset. Then the PlayStation Camera tracks your movement and your hands through 9 Position LEDs on the goggles (so no, you can’t use PSVR without the PlayStation Camera).

PlayStation VR 2

PlayStation will soon release the second generation of virtual reality glasses, the PlayStation VR 2. Although thanks to rumors and leaks, we already know a lot about the design and characteristics of these glasses. We still don’t know the essential thing: yes, They will be backward compatible with the PS4

Oculus Rift and Meta Quest

Facebook Oculus Rift, the most famous simulated reality glass, is Facebook Oculus Rift (renamed Meta Quest 2 in its latest version). They were released in March 2016, just like the PlayStation VR headsets, Though these VR headsets were primarily designed to work with PCs. And although all Oculus Rift models are currently discontinued, you can easily find these second-hand VR glasses for sale.

HTC Vive

The HTC Vive is probably the most expensive, high-end virtual reality glasses today. They were developed jointly by HTC and Valve, finally going on sale in 2016. Just a month after the Oculus Rift.

Since its launch, the HTC Vive glasses have had different updates and remodeling that have made the glasses go from a model without connectivity to a wireless one


The difference between glasses rest of the models on the market is that they do not depend on the cameras to follow the position and movements. Instead, it uses stations that emit infrared pulses to calculate the part of the headphones and controls.