The PDA is Personal Digital Assistant or PDA for its acronym in English ( Personal Digital Assistant ). We will explain what this device is and what it is for. To continue with us and learn more about this helpful tool.

A PDA is a compelling electronic device for its abbreviation of the English Personal Digital Assistant or Personal Digital Assistant in Spanish. Usually, a handheld fits in a pocket, capable of performing numerous functions such as a contact list, calendar with meetings, appointments and reminders, annotating, calculator, spreadsheets, etc. In addition, a PDA can function as a mobile phone, fax, Internet browser, personal organizer, and GPS, among others.

Characteristics of a PDA

Now that you are clear about what a PDA is and know little about the history of its creation, it is time for you to learn about its main characteristics.

Touch Screen

Many PDAs, like the Apple Newton and the Palm Pilot, have touch screens for user interaction, so they have few buttons reserved for launching the most frequently used programs. Usually, the digital agendas with this screen have a detachable pen with which all the tasks are carried out. In addition, there are different methods to add text, such as a virtual keyboard or an external keyboard, among others.

Memory Cards

Some PDAs do not use memory cards, but most PDAs now allow the use of SD cards.


PDAs have a USB cable or Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to connect external keyboards, headsets, GPS and many more accessories. Some devices also have Wi-Fi connectivity that allows internet access.


One of the most critical roles of PDAs is an organization with personal computers. It allows the update of the directory, making the information of the computer and the digital plan the same. Synchronization also prevents the loss of store data if the accessory is lost, stolen, or destroy.

What is a PDA for?

PDA for

PDAs are used to store information that can be consult at any time and in any place. In general, these devices are use in a home or personal way in tasks such as managing meetings, appointments, important documents, email, making changes to spreadsheets or text documents and even playing music and video.

But in addition to their personal use, they are also use in other fields :


In this sector, PDAs are use to diagnose or choose the most suitable medicines.


Many pocket computers are use in vehicles to use GPS, which is why it is becoming increasingly common to find them in many new cars by default. Some systems can also display traffic conditions.


PDAs have begun to be use in some educational institutions for students to take notes. It has increased the productivity of the students since it allows the rapid correction or modification of the information.


These devices are very effective in the commercial management of companies with large dimensions, as well as industries, supermarkets, department stores and retail companies.


PDAs facilitate processes such as picking, returns or stock control. It is highly effective because it transmits information telematically and instantly without giving rise to errors or delays. PDAs are still relevant in different economic sectors, although in the personal sphere, they have been replaced by smartphones.