The best PC games are genre or the most appreciated by critics or the public. We will tell you several titles that are perfect for playing in summer. Either because their maps or mechanics are refreshing or because they are games where heat is also an essential factor.


If you don’t have a pool nearby (like most) and you can only be content with cold showers, these games will make you cool off just by playing them. In both, you have to dive, but they are very different from each other. While ABZÛ is a simple exploration game in which you go around the aquatic world discovering the history of the place, in Subnautica, we have a declared survival with crafting as the main mechanic

Tropic 6

We already mentioned the Tropico franchise in our entry on perfect games to start gaming. With this game (and the previous ones), you will enter a large tropical island in which you are the dictator who runs it. You can manage it so that everyone lives well or be an iron-fisted tyrant who enjoys the luxuries of the country while its population starves.

Best PC Games

Last Day of June

Get ready to cry and place some onions keyboard in case you get caught in the middle of the job and thus have an excuse. The crying is guaranteed or, at least, the knot in the stomach. Even in the coldest person, this game knows how to find a sensitive chord. It is, by far, the shortest game of all but intense and emotional, to say enough. Because on the last day of June, with the arrival of summer and good weather

Sunset Overdrive

Those of you who regularly follow us will remember that a while ago, we put out two posts about underrated or forgotten games that you have to play. We had planned to put this title in the third part, but it also fits like a glove here. Fun, long and varied, you will enjoy like a child with this game touring the summer city of Sunset City.


Not many have been able to enjoy that masterpiece called The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. For this, you have to have a GameCube or get its Switch remake. That game where you went from island to island getting upgrades and making history. Windbound drinks from this premise.

Pray for the Gods

If you are melting in the chair in your room, you will get cold with this game. We end the list with the most challenging game of all. We are talking about the project that swept Kickstarter, which is neither more nor less than the spiritual successor to Shadow of the Colossus. A spectacular game despite its budget limitations


That is to say; you will have some of the best PC games to spend the summer. These are some of the best PC games to get you through the summer. If there are games that you want to appear in future entries

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