leading mobile/mail scams are most people doing these types of scams to avoid these Leading Mobile/Mail Scams To Avoid increasingly developed in your knowledge and elaborated, we come across a multitude of different forms. From those that take advantage of the most casual opportunism to the most deliberate for having obtained information about us in unimaginable ways.

Business of Billion

Throughout the history of humankind, scams and scams have accompanied us. There have always been those who profit from perfidious deception, taking advantage of the ingenuity of others. It is a model and type of life that has evolved over the centuries until it reaches our days.

Payment To The Delivery Person Or Courier Company

Although it spreads like wildfire during confinement, today, thousands of people continue to “sting,” and it is very harmful, not only economically but also psychologically, since after suffering this experience, many people stop trusting online purchases.

What are they Trying to Achieve with this Scam?

email Scams

They are looking for the card data, especially the three digits of the security code. When you fill in these fields, they will save it to their database. As soon as they have them, they can carry out many operations, such as online purchases, using your card. As a result, you can see your bank balance at zero (even with debts) in a few hours or days because you have been ruined.

This Scam Is Very Credible For Several Reasons That We List For You

In other less frequent cases, they identify themselves as a well-known company. Then, when you enter that link, the payment gateways are usually very well done, almost the same as those of the courier company. In this way, you enter all the data believing that it is an official site.

  • The amount they say you have to pay is ridiculous. Sometimes it is 1.50 euros, and even less. Moreover, it makes the victim not suspect that they want to rob or cheat.
  • These messages are usually generic. For example, they do not tell you “your shipment with SEUR…” or other similar ones. Instead, they refer to the delivery man or delivery company.
  • Nowadays, some people spend the whole year shopping online in one place or another.
  • Your account is at risk or has been blocked
  • It has been with us for over two decades since the Internet had spectacular connections of up to 1MB. However, it is usually received by email since it is sporadic to receive it by SMS.

How To Avoid?

We Tell You The Guidelines To Follow:

  • As soon as you get this message, please ignore it and go to the website whose account has supposedly been block. Log in, and you will generally see that nothing has happened to it.
  • If you get a lot of phishing from time to time, posing on the same website (for example, Paypal), the attackers know that you have an account there.
  • Look at the sender of the message. If you examine who sent you that message, you will see very long and strange emails that have nothing to do with the official communications of the websites and applications.
  • Ignore the message, delete it and block the sender. They will insist and send you other emails
  • Report the message. You can report it as phishing, and there you are going to annoy the offender on duty


This entry will help you to be much more cautious. It is true that some of these scams have an impressive framework and are very complex to create, but practically all of them are very easy to avoid: ignore and delete and block if in doubt.