Digital transformation is a process that consists of reorienting a company towards the application and use of emerging technologies. This process, as we have said, does not simply mean applying technology to the departments because technology does nothing by itself.

Digital Transformation. Much is said about digital transformation or ” Digital Transformation,” and many think that it is simply about technology, but setting up a CRM, an ERP, or a BPM can be done by anyone. Digital transformation means much more than all this

Key Technologies

  • Technology determines the need for digital transformation and supports an organization’s digitization. In addition, there is no single application or technology that enables digital transformation
  • Mobile platforms allow work to be done wherever and whenever.
  • Machine knowledge and artificial intelligence technologies give organizations insights to make more accurate sales, marketing, and product development decisions.
  • The changes must undertaken to begin with people; people have to change their mentality and open themselves to change. I always say that you have to help them get out of their comfort zone and give them the best tools and develop their skills
  • The Importance Of Digital Transformation

We are in an era of profound changes in all orders of society, the economy, education, and in general, how we communicate and interact. We are at the gates of seeing modern digital technologies, Blockchain technology, and cryptocurrencies are proliferating, pressuring institutions for far-reaching decisions or actions.

Professionals who are dedicated to technology have always tried to bring technology closer to people, and the facts corroborate this with technologies such as the PC, servers, the Internet and the Web, the smartphone, and lately, concepts such as the Cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, AI, etc.

The Importance Of Digital Transformation Can Be List In:

  • Bringing technology to people
  • The management of tasks processes automatically and without the intervention of employees. Case example, the declaration of income taxes
  • Innovation and digital transformation for many people go hand in hand. New business models use technology, for example, FinTech, EdTech, etc.
  • The in organizations of all kinds cannot be delegate; eradicating bureaucracy as an end

Main Characteristics Of Digital Transformation


The fact of developing an APP for smartphones presupposes that we are already install in the wave of transformation, just like setting up a virtual store or hiring an ERP. But no, is much more than that. What is encompasses:

  • A change in the mentality of approaching tasks and projects
  • Constant and continuous innovation (systematized)
  • Incorporate design as part of the creative process to design new services and products
  • Connect with customers through multiple channels
  • Empower confusion high-performance multidisciplinary teams


The new times era demands new ways of doing things. That is why proposals for methodologies, frameworks, or best practices are made


A change of mentality in undertaking projects, tasks, new products, and services with a way of working focused on efficiency and also productivity


A philosophy contributed by the Japanese seeks to get closer to the customer, providing value as soon as possible


Digital transformation is a transversal concept at a macro and micro economic level. It covers any industrial sector we know and also practically any function within companies or organizations. In this sense, it is common (or will be) to see in a company