Instagram login activity account on someone else’s mobile or PC like a friend’s and you didn’t have a chance to log out? For such situations, Instagram has added a way to remotely log out of your account from other people’s devices using the Login Activity feature. With just a few humble steps, one can successfully protect their account from compromise. Available on the Instagram mobile app and desktop website

What is Instagram login Activity?


Instagram login activity is a method to detect all devices that have been used in the past to login to your Instagram account at different times and places. It logs all Instagram account logins made by you or anyone else known or unknown and even offers a logout option for suspicious movement.

How to Check the Instagram login activity on mobile?

Confirm maximum security against Instagram account hacks, you can always check login activity and revoke any unknown access directly from your mobile device. That is how.

  • Open the Instagram app on your mobile
  • Click your profile tab in the bottom right
  • Now select the menu (3 lines) at the top right
  • In this menu, select the “Settings” option
  • Then select the “Security” option
  • Finally, tap on the “Login Activity” option

Here you can see all the devices your account has been connected to, along with the date and approximate location

Alternatively, to easily find the login activity settings without much hassle, you can also search for the same using the search bar current at the top of “Settings” and land directly on the said option.

Social Login : Instagram App Setup

This document provides orders on how to properly configure an Instagram application so that users can login or register through Instagram on your site. You will need to buying the social login extension if you want users to login through Instagram.

Instagram App creation and setup #

Step 1 – Create a Facebook App

Go to, click My Apps and make a new app. Once you have shaped the app and are in the app dashboard, go to [Settings > Basic], roll to the bottom of the side and click Add Platform.

Choose Website, add your website URL and save your changes.

Step 2 – Set up basic Instagram view

  • Click Products, find the Instagram product, and then click Configure to add it to your app.
  • Click Basic View, scroll to the bottom of the page, and then click Create New App.
  • On the form that appears, complete each section by following the instructions below.
  • Display Name: Enter the name of the Facebook app you just created.

Valid OAuth Redirect URIs: Enter your website URL. There are three dedicated URIs that can capture redirect parameters, for example:

Configure extension settings #

Go to the extension’s settings page [Ultimate Member > Settings > Extensions > Social Login, enable Instagram Social Connect and paste the API keys following the instructions below.

Enable Instagram Social Login

  • Customer ID: Paste your Instagram App ID displayed in [App Dashboard > Products > Instagram > Basic Screen].
  • Client secret: Paste the Instagram app secret shown in [App Dashboard > Products > Instagram > Basic Screen].

My Instagram on My Phone Won’t Let Me Log On

instagram login

Instagram login has minimal technical issues, but can sometimes cause login issues for users. This most often happens when you update phones or switch between multiple accounts and try to log in to Instagram. Older phones can also experience compatibility issues when they become outdated. Instagram may also force you to sign out and ask you to sign in to get a terms of service update.

Check your Credentials

Before diving into anything technical, do a little surface level research. Are you incoming the correct username and password? Instagram usernames start with an @ symbol, but you don’t need to enter it when logging into your account. Carefully check your connection for typos and make sure everything is correct. Once the connection is ready, clear the password field and enter your

How to delete the Instagram login activity on mobile?

instagram log

Remove Instagram login activity on mobile, simply go to particular settings and log out of specific devices, if applicable. Here is a detailed procedure for the same.

  • Delete Instagram login activity on mobile
  • In the Instagram app
  • Go to the profile click and select the 3-line menu in the upper right corner
  • Then select “Settings” and tap on “Security”
  • Now select “Login Activity” and from there you can see all the devices previously used to login to your Instagram account
  • To sign out or remove account access from these devices, individually select the “3 dots” button and tap “Sign Out”.

Your account will no longer be available on those devices unless you log in another time with the same name and PIN.

How to delete the Instagram login activity on PC?

You can remove or sign out of devices that you have previously signed in to through sign-in activity on a PC by following the steps mentioned below.

Delete Instagram login activity on desktop

When you are login into your Instagram account on the desktop website, navigate to the “Login activity” menu in the settings.

  • Here you will be accessible with a list of devices previously used to log into your account
  • Simply select the individual device from which you wish to log out of your account by pressing the “down arrow”.
  • Then click the “Logout” button and you’re complete!

How to protect the your Instagram account from unwanted logins?

Deterrence is better than cure and the same goes for Instagram connections. When hackers take over your account, it can have several consequences, such as data compromise and misuse of information and images, among many other ways of using your data to their advantage. That’s where two-factor authentication comes in, adding extra layers of security to your Instagram account and preventing unwanted logins.

  • Go to profile tab in Instagram app on mobile
  • Tap the 3-line menu in the upper right corner and select “Settings”
  • In the settings, select the “Security” option
  • The two-factor authentication option. Select it.
  • Choose the method you prefer between authenticator app, WhatsApp text, SMS and many more.

Once you have set up 2FA, the next time you log into your Instagram account on the same device or on other devices, you will need to go through a verification process to access your Instagram account.

How to change the Instagram password to clear logins on all devices?

If the above approaches don’t work for you, you can change Instagram password. This will disconnect your account from all devices and you won’t have to worry anymore. To modification Instagram password to clear logins on all devices

  • Click your profile picture at the bottom right to access your profile.
  • Choose the hamburger sign, then select the settings
  • Tap Security, followed by Password
  • Fill your current password and enter your new password
  • Tap Save in the top right corner to successfully change your Instagram password and clear logins on all devices

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