Best Laptop PC or Desktop PC features that characterize it and make it different from the other. That is why there is no winner here, as both are excellent candidates to run as your alternative.

Laptop PC or Desktop PC

The characteristics and differences between these two platforms so that you can quickly see their strengths and shortcomings

Laptop PC

Its main advantage is being portable. For example, suppose you are going to be on the road, from homebased to the office or university, and you always need to take notes. In that case, a laptop is an option. Of course, tablets and smartphones in some things are now replacing them, but a computer is more powerful and versatile than other devices.

Wifi And Bluetooth Are Built-In As Standard

Yes, we know. These things can be ideally added to a desktop. We also know that in desktops, high-end motherboards already integrate these features

Accessories Are Integrated Into The PC

It is the second main advantage. Indeed, laptop keyboards are usually not very good, the touchpad may be more cumbersome than a mouse, the integrated speakers are low and poorly heard, and a pixelated webcam.

They are still there and fulfill their function wherever you go. So you not only have the PC but all the accessories with it.

Internal Battery

It’s not just that it’s portable and you can take it to the usual places and plug it into the light at those places, but you also have, albeit in a limited way, a battery that can last a few hours and gives you the ability to go anywhere without having to lug around the power cord

Desktop PC

Desktop PC

Best Power/Price/Performance Ratio

Desktops are more powerful than laptops for the same price and cheaper than gaming performance. That is, in two PCs of 1,000 euros, the desktop will always have more power than the laptop, and if there are two Gaming PCs

Capacity For Modification/Extension

While on a desktop PC, you can change or add more RAM, change the graphics, the heatsink, the font, and a long etcetera, this is not the case with laptops, or at least it is much more complicated. In addition, changing a RAM or a graphics card is a simple process that even the most fearful users can do it easily on a desktop.

Better Heat Dissipation And Ventilation

It’s no news that putting a laptop on your knee is the best heater for winter. Tabletops, being larger and having more space between components, allow better air movement.

Greater Average Longevity

Due to the 3 points mentioned above, desktop PCs usually last longer by our side than laptops. There are indeed rare cases in which a computer lasts ten years and a desktop four years


In any of the cases, you will have excellent computers that will serve your purposes. Are there any shortcomings or advantages that you think we have missed? Put it in the comments, and if the request is consistent