* Asterisk is a small star (*), used in writing and printing as a mark or to indicate an omission, questionable subject, etc.

Linguistic. the figure of a star (*) is use to mark an expression that would considered ungrammatical or unacceptable to native speakers of a language, as in * Asterisk

Sometimes called the star, period, and multiplication symbol, the asterisk is a (*) symbol locate above the “8” key on standard US keyboards and the numeric keypad.

* I love the sky.

Historical etymology. The number of a star (*) used to mark a theoretical or reconstituted form not attested by a text or an  * Asterisk writing.

Approximately in the shape of a star or asterisk.

Any factor or element that makes an outstanding achievement somewhat dubious or less impressive:

Two favourites were injure in training, so their victory comes with an asterisk.

A minor or insignificant person or thing:

His improbable rise from an asterisk in the polls to the winning applicant.

verb (used with object)

to mark with an asterisk. [* Asterisk]

Origin Of Asterisk

1350–1400; Middle English <Latin asteriscus<Greek asterisks, diminutive of easter star

How To Pronounce Asterisk?

While the asterisk is usually pronounce as [as-tuh-risk], with the [s] in the final syllable preceding the [k], a metathesis pronunciation is also heard, in which the [s] and the [k] are swapped locations. producing [as-tuh-riks]. This pronunciation, resulting in part from * Asterisk analogy with plural forms such as kicks and sticks, can sometimes lead to a misanalysis of [as-tuh-riks] as a plural diction, with an agreeing singular [such as -tuh-rik]. The pronunciation of metathesis, although occasionally heard among educated speakers * Asterisk, is generally considered non-standard, as is the pronunciation of the * Asterisk singular form without [s] in the final syllable.

Where is the * key on the keyboard?

Under is an impression of a computer keyboard with the * Asterisk asterisk key tinted in blue on the vital keyboard and the numeric keypad.

How to make the symbol *

Create the * symbol on a US keyboard.

To create an asterisk with a US keyboard, * Asterisk holds down the Shift key and press 8 on the keyboard.


The asterisk is relax to use on the numeric keypad with mathematical formulas.

Create the * symbol on a mobile or tablet

To create an asterisk on a smartphone or tablet, open the keyboard, go to the numbers section (123), and then to the (#+=) or symbols (sym) section. Press your finger on the * symbol.

What is * an asterisk used for on a computer?

Examples of the asterisk * Asterisk on a computer are shown below.

An asterisk in a mathematical formula

A mathematical formula uses an asterisk to represent multiplication (times). For example, in the recipe below, you can see that 5 <times> 2 equals 10.


An asterisk in a wildcard character

The * Asterisk represents a wildcard character or a wildcard character with computers. For example, when entering *.TXT in a search or search field, * Asterisk,  the computer would search for any file ending in. TXT.

Asterisk in computer software design.

An extra example of an * Asterisk is in the non-executable declaration use with some software design languages. In the following PHP code, the “hidden text” comment will not be displayed at run time because it is surrounded by a slash and best an asterisk.

In Python and other software design languages, a ** (double asterisk) can use as an operator to compute the control of a number. For example, i**j would be “i” raised to “j” in the script.

A star symbol in a spreadsheet

In worksheet plans such as Microsoft Excel, a star symbol (asterisk) is used in multiplication formulas. For example, cell A1 is multiplied by cell B1 in the following method.


An * asterisk for reference

Finally, an asterisk is also normally use as a position mark in a document.

Words Nearby * Asterisk

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  • This asterisk idea is a bit silly, to begin with, of course, and it could have been nice to have a little more chaos in our sports.
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  • the asterisk does not designate whether the researcher himself is partisan, but rather whether the money he paid for the poll, * Asterisk
  • I think the first is that we tell China that we will now add an asterisk after its name, just as we do after information that cannot believed.

Asterisk *

  • an asterisk (*) is use in print or writing to show a cross-orientation to a footnote, an oversight, etc.
  • (in historical dialectology) this sign use to show an unattested rebuilt form
  • (descriptive linguistics) this sign is use to indicate that an expression
  • will covid-19 start a cold war (or worse) with china? (ep. 414)|stephen j. dubner|april 23, 2020|freakonomics
  • keep the scary “gay marriage” quotes, or at least put an asterisk after them.
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  • lift this large historic asterisk skyward and place it next to your name.
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  • in a year with less economic turbulence, that would be an asterisk.
  • can this generous socialist ruin clinton’s coronation? | david freedlander | july 2, 2014 | daily creature
  • but now, in the name of creed, some people want to add an symbol.

 * Asterisk

  • a win for “religious freedom” is a loss for religion|genetic factor robinson|june 8, 2014|daily beast
  • in its place of guess, bookmark the vacant location and let the search engine find it for you. * Asterisk
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  • i put an asterisk previously the names of colleges whose presidents are oberlin graduates.
  • the university, the market and the court | caroline h. dall
  • with the aforementioned asterisk, the author refers to a circle surrounded by rays, a solar symbol of masculine meaning.
  • the cult of sex and the symbolism of primitive races | sanger brown, ii
  • there is a tendency to limit the asterisk to such cases and use the dot for shorter ellipses.
  • “arrest”|paul allardyce
  • most of them are remember by professor cromwell and the ones with an asterisk are provide by others, * Asterisk
  • journal of black history, volume 5, 1920|miscellaneous
  • page 2, added missing footnote reference (original text had a footnote, but no corresponding asterisk).
  • the bold rescue of motor matt | stanley r. Matthews

* Asterisk

The variable is a double dereference. If the variable is an address of an address, the resulting expression will the value l at the address store in *variable.

It can mean different things if it’s part of the statement:

Type **variable would mean, on the other hand, a pointer to a pointer, i.e. a variable that can hold the address of another variable, which is also a pointer, but this time to a variable of type ‘type