The CAME analysis is a strategic business tool that complements the SWOT ( the analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, what some call the SWOT analysis ) that provides essential information to establish the guidelines of the aspects found. After performing the SWOT matrix.

CAME Analysis Stock Types

As we have explained, SWOT analysis is implemented to know the business situation, which gives an overview of what is happening in the business.

When we get all this, and as you have seen in the previous image, it is time to apply the acronym: Correct, Confront, Maintain and Exploit

Maintain Strengths

Just as we eliminate threats, we will maintain muscles by keeping everything positive that can influence the business. As a result, we will have a competitive advantage.

Exploit Opportunities

This is related to the previous point because it allows you to create strategies and plan actions to turn them into strengths.


This means eliminating the weaknesses or taking the necessary measures that are in our power so as not to have to deal with them and they do not influence the development of the business plan again.

Address Threats

This prevents the same threats from going one step further, becoming weaknesses.

How To Do A CAME Analysis?

CAME Analysis Stock

Determine Business Goals

The first and most important thing to start the journey is to set the company’s objectives, which must be clear and concise. In this way, we will know where to point the entire business strategy.

Perform a SWOT Analysis

The second step is the SWOT or SWOT analysis to understand the situation in which the business is. This part will analyze the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Perform CAME Analysis

You already know which actions are most important, so the next step is to perform a CAME analysis.

Select Actions

Once the SWOT analysis is finished, it is essential to select the most critical actions and implement them according to their importance

CAME Analysis Strategies

If we take into account, everything read so far and combine the internal and external elements of the SWOT analysis

Survival Strategy

This Strategy tries to find out what the weaknesses of the business are and how they can be corrected to face the threats of the market and thus prevent the defects from growing by reducing the negative aspects

Offensive Strategy

This Strategy, also known as market attack and positioning, is about uniting strengths and opportunities. Which can be use to exploit the same market opportunities in which the company is locate and thus differentiate itself from its competition

Defensive Strategy

This Strategy, typical of large consolidated companies in the market, arises from combining the strengths and threats that the company is facing

Targeting Strategy

Uniting the weaknesses and opportunities is essential to maximize them in the same market.


the SWOT analysis is implement to know the business situation. A comment that can be use in the case and serves to have an overview is happening in the business.