The best driving simulators for pc are a niche market; there are tastes and varieties within it. It is possible that some of the lists we will give below you do not like, but that does not mean they are not among the best. Your thing may be Rally simulators.

Assetto Corsa Competition

And we went from one of the oldest to one of the newest. We do not bring here its previous installment, Assetto Corsa, since the migration to the new game is massive, and it is more worth getting this one directly if you have not had the other one. If his predecessor established a chair, he would continue his legacy in a more than worthy way


Driving Simulators

The quintessential car simulator. Despite being a few years old (since 2008), the game has remained at the top, both graphically and playable. The sensation of speed is absolute, the sound borders on perfection, and the immersion leaves you speechless when you play it with a full simulator

F1 20XX (Formula 1)

If we put two Xs instead of numbers, it is because you can choose between the delivery that you like the most in recent years. There are divide opinions on the net about which is the best of the decade if the F1 2020 or the F1 2021. You can also find, buy and even play the F1 2012, F1 2014, and F1 2015.

Project Cars

To date, three installments have been released of this driving simulator that has become the favorite part of the public. Although 3 is a bit the ugly duckling of the saga, its first two installments, especially the second, continue to be applaud by all.

Dirt Rally 2.0

Some will wonder why we put this title as the best, not Dirt 4 and “fun.” Although we recommend Dirt 4 for being a great game. Is driving is far from being a simulator, and it has arcade traces, so it cannot enter this list.

NASCAR SimRacing

This game dates back to 2005, being the oldest on the list. There are great NASCAR titles like the Heat franchise, but, like Dirt. They’re all pretty arcadey, and this is the most realistic simulator out there about this variety of racing. NASCAR circuits and races are not very popular in Europe and Latin America, unlike rallies or Formula 1. But these games have their niche in the market


The best driving simulators for PC, in the upcoming we plan to make alternative car entry with the best arcades that can be played, where we will include the incredible Burnout Paradise, the Dirt as mentioned above four and several more. Someone else likes Nascar, or that you only play Formula 1. The fact is that here there is a market for all tastes, and nobody is left out.