Infinity Cable goes down in history since it combines all kinds of options thanks to the use of magnetic technology. And these types of infinity cables are beneficial like charging cables, net cables, ware, etc.

One of the first things that you have to know is that the quality of the cable in question is relatively high since, for example, the exterior made of nylon so that there are no wear problems due to having to bend it. In addition, the length of the accessory is more than reasonable since we are talking about two meters which, on a day-to-day basis, is more than enough. Finally, a curious detail is that all the parameters have been considered since a 51-ohm protection resistance element is included inside the cable, which ensures that the temperature is always under control when using it.

Infinity Cable Connectors

what is Infinity Cable

What makes Infinity Cable different from the Rest?

Well, it has to do with the connector that is include. It uses magnetic technology with two neodymium magnets capable of holding an Apple iPad to attach to the cable itself so that it can be replace. In addition, it avoids something that happens on many occasions: tripping over it. And the smartphone -u other devices- ends up on the ground, and the accessory is broken by force. Therefore, when this happens, the product we are talking about is separate without problems, and there is no danger. If you’re wondering about the Infinity Cable’s compatibility, this one is great, as micro USB, Lightning, and even USB Type-C adapters are include. In other words, practically all the current options are present

Infinity Cable Magnetic Closure

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Despite the use of interchangeable connectors, a good detail is that this accessory is compatible with Quick Charge 4.0 fast charging. But it goes one step further, and the manufacturer claims that it can support energy transfer that reaches 100 W. A mark is as high as it is surprising. Moreover, the data transfer speed achieved with this model is correct since it comes to 480 Mbps. Additional curious detail in the second version of this cable is that an LED is include that allows cooking at all times. If it is connect and working (sometimes it even works as an element to locate a smartphone or tablet).

Actual use of Infinity Cable

Buy this cable that offers an extensive guarantee

The manufacturer claims that it offers coverage against damage for no less than 15 years. So you are pretty sure about the resistance offer by the product in everyday use.


The problems with having different devices is that you usually have many charging (or data connection) cables. Since the ports used are different, well with Infinity Cable. This goes down in history since it combines all kinds of options thanks to the use of magnetic technology.