Guide To Selling Products Online us on our experience. Still, if you do not have it, it is best to follow the steps under an online business expert’s advice. With this guide to selling products online for beginners, my goal is to help entrepreneurs and online business people like you who are going to start selling or who have already done so but need to improve their results.

Elaboration or Creation of The Product

Elaboration or Creation of The Product


If you are creative and can make your product, ok, go ahead. You will only have to verify that your handmade product will be competitive by calculating the creation costs and times.

Remember to create a product that differentiates you from all your competition.

If You Are a Creator or Manufacturer

If you are a creator, you have points of sale on the Internet ( ETSY ) and social networks ( Instagram, Pinterest) that will facilitate the exhibition and sale of your products. So that, to begin with, is a great help.

There are also other options, such as selling products on request, which consists of creating personalized products that someone else manufactures

Select Successful Products

The first thing is to identify the products that will sell the most. Then, of all those you have thought of selling online, you will have to select only the products you think will be more successful on the Internet.

His thing is that you start by choosing a diversity of products to identify later which products and categories are the best sellers and thus continue along that line of product selection. That is, only focus on the winning products.

  • More explained this section in my article on how to locate products and know what to sell Internet
  • The more expensive the products, the less they are sold on the Internet.
  • Products with a high level of return will make you lose profits.
  • Cumbersome and large products will cost you more to ship.
  • The most successful products on the Internet are those that can be repeatedly sold to the same customers on several occasions.
  • Exclusive or self-made products, without competition, are easier to sell (be careful because you will be copied quickly).
  • The most profitable products are those with unlimited stock.
  • Selling on online marketplaces

At this point, you can start selling online. During the sales process, you have to pay special care to the care of the orders since they will be the most complicated sales.

We must learn from our mistakes in each sale, and sales must be achieve to increase the amount afterward.

The Following Points

If you have access to customer information such as phone or email, feel free to contact the customer at the start of the order and then follow up on demand every three days.

Confirm with the customer that their receipt and shipment were correct.


Check customer satisfaction and encourage them to expose it to give confidence and motivate other users to buy it. One trick is to rate the buyer as a “good buyer.”