Improve the RAM of your PC this is a small process but the essential memory of your desktop computer improves your computer’s RAM. But, in case you are new to the world of gaming computers

Why is it Essential To Change the RAM?

The RAM of a computer is one of the most recommended actions to improve the performance of a computer. Keep in mind that all hardware directly relates to memory capacity, and we’re not just referring to available hard drive space.

The PC needs memory so that its processors can work smoothly. So, if you notice that your computer is running slower or slower or you’ve detected that you can’t do specific tasks

Its acronym (RAM) corresponds to the initials of Random Access Memory. It is the main memory of a computer, and its function is to put the rest of the hardware in communication with each other. In other words, RAM allows the execution of all the tasks the processor performs.

To Change The RAM

Their importance, they are not particularly expensive components. But, of course, you must choose ones that fit both your computer and your needs.

How To Know Which Is The Board Of My Computer?

Your computer’s RAM is defined by a set of nodes that can be installed in the slots of your computer’s motherboard. So, once you have made the result upgrade RAM

type of RAM to Improve the RAM of your PC and supports and how much capacity. The problem is that this information does not usually appear in the equipment manuals. But don’t worry, because there are applications like RAMM on with which you can find out.

How To Change Ram On Desktop?

Turn off your computer, unplug cables and accessories, and let it cool down completely. Next, you have to open the computer tower, so remove the screws with the help of a screwdriver.

Once you have opened your computer’s box, you must remove the RAM modules. Do it carefully. If it is held with tweezers, you must remove them to the sides. When you have done it, you will see how the RAM will rise, so its removal will be ultra-simple. The next thing is to insert the new RAM modules. Put the connectors inside the slot and gently push them until they are fully insert.

How Do I Know How Much RAM I Need?

RAM of your PC

Another essential piece of information you will need to expand your computer’s RAM is to know how much you need.


It is the standard size today. With it, for example, Adobe applications can be used without problems. If you have 4GB or less, we recommend upgrading the RAM.


The most advanced computers have a RAM card of this capacity installed. It allows you to process RAW images or watch 4K videos. It is ideal for dynamic and effective multitasking.


The maximum size can be install on mid-range computers. It allows you to work without interruptions or play while browsing.

Above 32GB

It is used in powerful computers to carry out specific professional jobs or very pro gaming configurations.


It Is Time To Change The Memory of the RAM memory card you need. It is a straightforward task, but we recommend that you do it with special care. Spoiler: It only takes a few minutes, and in addition to the new card, you will only need a good screwdriver