To choose a portable speaker there is something that can improve any situation quickly, it is, without a doubt, music. And since summer is just everywhere the corner and many plans begin to emerge. We will give you a series of tips so you can learn how to choose a portable speaker.

Left are the days when you had to carry heavy radios, cassette tapes, or CDs to enjoy some music on the beach or in the mountains. And without counting that you do not forget the batteries, how many plans are ruined by the damn storms! Or in which endless cables were necessary to be able to connect the different devices.

Choose a Speaker Based on :


Although it may seem like a straightforward action, there are many aspects to consider of choosing one that does not meet our needs.

We will see how to choose a speaker based on: portability, durability, sound quality, battery and price. All these are factors that we can easily find in the characteristics of the different models, making it calmer for us to compare the other devices.


Although the name of the portable speaker itself already indicates that it is wireless, this factor is one of the first to consider when choosing. Depending on its shape, size or weight, its transport will be more or less straightforward.

Going to the mountains with a small square-shaped speaker that fits in any backpack or even in a large pocket will not be the same. As having to do the whole trek carrying a prominent round-shaped speaker that requires the use of straps to be able to transport it.


Another tip for choosing the most suitable speaker for us is to take into account its durability. To do this, we must be clear about what we want the device for and what use we will give it.

For example, if we want it to be used at home. Where it will constantly be exposed to a constant temperature and humidity. Placed in the same place and connected to the same power sources, this aspect should not concern us.

On the different, what we want is a device that accompanies us everywhere. So that we will use both indoors and outdoors, exposed to all types of climates and possible shocks. We will have to opt for a model with a robust design, symmetrical. With corners prepared to absorb impacts and resistant to water and dust.

Sound Quality

Although the main characteristic of this type of speaker is that it is portable, we must not forget what we want for listening to music. That is why the sound quality is one of the main aspects that we must take into explanation if we want to know how to choose the right speaker


The price of portable speaker results from the sum of all the features that we have just seen. In the market, we can find speakers of all kinds and for all budgets


However, today we can find outstanding models with excellent value for money. And if what you are observing for is to get a cheap speaker. But without giving up anything, you can always take a look at our second-hand Portable Bluetooth Speaker catalogue.