Hi, I hope you are doing well. Shopify is an e-commerce stage that allows businesses of all dimensions to create an online store and sell their products. It is a cloud-based stage, meaning you can access it from anytime and anywhere with an internet connection. Shopify offers a variety of features.

Shopify is a popular options for businesses of all sizes, from minor startups to large enterprises. It is easy to use and scalable, making it a good option for businesses of all experience levels. If you want to start an e-commerce business, Shopify is a good option. It is a user-friendly platform that offers a variety of structures to help you sell your products online.


To develop a shopify app development requests from clients, One of the most interesting was a customer who wanted a clone of Windows XP to be 100 per cent compatible with Windows.

All kidding aside, not all strange client requests are fanciful. Some recommendations may sound odd to us, but they represent a real headache for the client

Today I want to address this statement and show you that creating a custom Shopify app is not crazy or complicated. On the contrary, its strength is the best option for your client.

Force A Round Piece To Fit Into A Square

Shopify App

Often a customer requests a custom app because they have tried to fix their problems by changing their theme or using dozens of apps from the app store, but nothing works.

Either because the customer needed something beyond the theme’s capabilities. The Shopify App Store app only offered a generic solution or didn’t have the skills to make it work.

When All You Have Is A Single Tool

Shopify app

One of the reasons we occasionally have a knee-jerk response to strange requests is that we stay in our well-being zone. If all you do is make Shopify Themes, that will be the resource you want to solve customer problems. Any request other than this will create tension and difficulty for you.

The same goes for back end developers, front end developers, and anyone else who has acquired specialized knowledge.

Our natural response is to use the most familiar tool to solve the customer’s problem. However, sometimes we don’t even know that other better tools exist.

Is It Hard To Develop Software?

But developing custom apps is hard. Doesn’t it take a team of developers and a lot of time to develop?

We all know at smallest one person who has consumed months or years working on their app idea, an app they plan to release next month.

For every case of a team of experts taking months to develop an app. There is one more example of a solo developer building and launching something speedily over a few nights and weekends. Sometimes even in just a week.

The Process I Went Through To Develop Dripify From Scratch

I will outline the process I went through to build my first public Shopify app: Dripify.

Although Dripify was a public app listed on the Shopify App Store, you can use this same process to create private apps for your customers. The advantage of using this general application as an example is that I can be more open about each step in the process.

When I started with Dripify, I had already worked with client applications, so I already knew something about the develop a shopify app APIs. The difference is that all those applications were existing, and I improved them or rehabilitated the source code.


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