The most traded cryptocurrencies understand blockchain technology can create their cryptocurrency. There are more than 1,600 cryptocurrencies offered on the leading, medium, and specialized exchange platforms.

Regarding these cryptocurrencies and digital tokens, it is fair to say that the number that has real significance can be reduced to a list of two digits. This lesser group can further be narrowed down to cryptocurrencies that are traded enough to have significant fluidness or are regularly used to pay for blockchain platform uses such as utility tokens

Most Popular Cryptocurrencies


The most traded cryptocurrencies are to decide which ones are offer as CFDs on powerful trading platforms


Bitcoin is consider to the original crypto, its launch in 2009 is consider to be what start the entire cryptocurrency movement. It was developed by a person or working group under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto.


Ripple is another value coin. Its blockchain stage is set up to simplify international fiat currency transfers and increase efficiency. Closely tie to and backe by multiple banks since its launch, Ripple XRP is regard as the establishment cryptocurrency.


Litecoin is another potential alternative to fiat currencies and a prominent rival to Bitcoin. Its creators hope Litecoin will eventually use to pay for everyday goods and services. As a result, this cryptocurrency has positioned itself as a more practical and technologically superior alternative to Bitcoin.


Like Ethereum, NEO is a platform for smart contracts and Dapps. Launched  NEO’s goal was to improve Ethereum by offering roughly the same utility through more sophisticated blockchain technology.

Many people claim that NEO is a superior platform to Ethereum, but as with Litecoin

Binance Coin

Originated by Binance, this type of cryptocurrency is today a desirable method since it allows the reduction of the cost of transaction fees that have tokens issued on  BNB in ​​the account


This virtual currency is locate within the Stellar network, where transactions can be process in different currencies.


A cryptocurrency that was generate  from the DOGE dog meme, humorously, it was create from the modification of a Bitcoin protocol

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The most popular of the cryptocurrencies, the truth is that the number of digital currencies is vast, so much so that the most expert sources speak of more than 5,000 coins of this type. According to the Coin Market Cap portal, 9,953 different types of cryptocurrencies are in circulation.