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Motherboard Write for us: The motherboard is the main board in the internal structure of the computer where the electronic circuits, the processor, the memories, and the main connections are located. The motherboard is a type of technology that has been present from the beginning of computers till today.

All the computer components are connected, with the main function of controlling all the server elements to provide optimal operation to the user. It depends on it that these components are well communicated to guarantee the system’s operation.

A motherboard of a computer is also known as the motherboard or main board. It is essential since the connection between the CPU and RAM is established, as well as with other devices that are external to the terminal.

  • The power supply
  • The central processor
  • RAM
  • Storage units

What work does RAM do?

RAM’s main function is to store a series of processes and instructions that have already been resolved or completed by the processor. It no longer has to repeat them and can focus on carrying out other tasks.

How much RAM do I need? – Motherboard Write for us

Well, it depends a lot on what you plan to do with your PC. There are different levels that we can consider optimal depending on the use you plan to give your computer

Why is the total amount of RAM so important?

RAM has two characteristics that differentiate it from other types of storage. On the one hand, it has enormous speed; on the other hand, the data is only temporarily stored.

This means that every time you restart or turn off your computer, it is normal that the data that is stored in RAM is lost.

Why do I have a high RAM consumption if I am only in Windows?

If you have a desktop computer, looking at the RAM is easy. You must enter the configuration in Windows and click on the System option. Once inside, enter the About section, where you will see your computer’s RAM. You must open the Apple menu in macOS and click on the About this Mac option. In the Summary tab, you will see the information on the components, including the RAM.

How does RAM affect computer performance?

We can exemplify it with a cook; he will prepare the food faster if he has a good table where to place the ingredients. On the other hand, if you had to go to the refrigerator every moment to save one component from getting another, the food would take longer. The same goes for the internal processing of information on our computers.

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