To Prevent Laptop From Getting Hot is just about the corner, and the heat is already beginning to show. Yes, we are sorry, and so is your laptop. Although the high temperature is unavoidable in these months, preventing the computer from heating up in summer is possible if you follow some tips.

High temperatures and a suffocating environment, together with the way of using a piece of computer equipment, can cause the average temperature of the laptop to rise higher than expected in summer. This time, we not solitary tell you what to do if your computer overheats, but we also give you some tips to prevent this situation.

Tips to Prevent Your Laptop from Getting Too Hot in Summer

Control the temperature of the equipment thanks to specific software. You can install this type of program on your computer to reflect this overheating and be able to act in time. Info in its “sensor” section is a good and accessible option.

Do Not Overclock Your Laptop

Do Not Overclock Your Laptop


This is when the frequency of the central processing unit (the CPU) is increased to get better performance from the computer. In addition to the element that it can be a penalty to maintain the guarantee, this practice causes your laptop’s temperature to rise.

Try Not to Turn Your Screen Brightness to Maximum

This demands higher performance from the laptop, thus requiring more power and, therefore, an increase in temperature. Keep the screen’s brightness below the maximum, so the computer does not get too hot in the summer.

Regulate Your Laptop’s Power Options

In the configuration of Power Management of the equipment, we can change the parameters of Battery and Alternating current. This will allow us to balance the power settings to prevent higher performance so that the laptop does not heat up at these high temperatures. Another more advanced option is called undervolt.

This is basically to make the processor have lower consumption and generate lower temperature. This topic is not recommended to be done by non-specialists in the field. It can cause system instability, not to mention that some manufacturers void their warranty.

Avoid Keeping the Laptop

a surface for too long. In the summertime, please do not leave it on wood, glass, or your own body. Particular objects such as cooling pads allow you to cool down your computer and thus prevent your laptop from heating up in summer.

Carry Out Professional Maintenance Out Of Warranty

Taking your laptop to a professional can make your computer run much more relaxed. The professional will disassemble it, clean the interior and the cooling system and change the thermal paste of the processor. This dramatically improves the efficiency of the equipment and prevents it from overheating.


Remember that, before regretting that your computer equipment is damage, it is essential to stop this situation. So, now that high temperatures are looming, it’s time to prevent your laptop from getting too hot