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Data Protection Write for usData Protection Write for us: The data protection package, approved in 2016, seeks to prepare Europe for the digital age. More than 90% of Europeans want the same right to the protection of their data throughout the EU, regardless of where their processing takes place.

What is Data Protection?

Data protection protects important information against data corruption, leaks, loss or compromise.

The importance of data protection is increasing as the amount of data formed and kept continues to grow at an unprecedented rate. There’s also little tolerance for downtime, which can make it incredible to access essential data.

A large part of a data protection plan is safeguarding that data can be quickly restored after any damage or loss. Other critical data protection elements are protecting data from negotiation and ensuring data privacy.

The General Data Protection Regulation – Data Protection Write for us

The protection of natural persons with affection to the handing out of personal data and the free movement of these data. (this text includes the correction of errors published in the DOUE of May 23, 2018) .

The Regulation is an essential measure to strengthen the fundamental rights of individuals in the digital age and facilitate economic activity, as it clarifies the rules pertinent to companies and public figures in the digital solo market. Furthermore, a single standard puts an end to fragmentation into different national systems and unnecessary administrative burdens.

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Directive on Data Protection in Criminal Matters

The Directive protects the fundamental right of citizens to the protection of their data when used by police and judicial authorities for law application purposes. More specifically, the Directive will ensure that the personal data of crime victims, witnesses and suspects are adequately protected and ease cross-border support in the fight against crime and terrorism.

Data Protection Principles – Data Protection Write for us

The main principles of data protection are safeguarding and making data available in all circumstances. Data protection describes operational data backup and business continuity/disaster recovery (BC/DR). And its plans are growing along two lines: data availability and data management.

Data Availability Ensures that Users have the Data needed to Conduct Business

Two main areas of data organization are used in data protection: data lifecycle organization and information lifecycle management. Data lifecycle management is the process of programming the movement of severe data to online and offline storage. Information lifecycle management is a complete strategy for valuing, cataloguing, and defensive information assets from application and user failures, virus and malware attacks, machine failures, or facility outages and outages.

Privacy and Data Protection Policy

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Change is the object responsible for the handing out of personal data provided by users on Web Portals and Electronic Offices.

Following the requirements of the General Data Protection Rule, the Ministry undertakes to comply with its obligation of secrecy concerning data of a personal nature and the duty to treat them with privacy. It will adopt the essential measures to avoid its change, loss, treatment or unauthorized access.

This legal notice applies to the pages of the Web Portals and Electronic Offices; access through links to these sites is not guaranteed, nor do links from these sites to other websites.​

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Data Protection Policy – Data Protection Write for us

Collection of personal data

To provide the services that correspond to it, the Ministry may request personal data through forms that will generally be treated in agreement with the requirements of the General Data Protection Rule.

  • Identification and contact data (including postal and electronic addresses)
  • Codes or identification keys for access and operations in the Portal and the electronic Office
  • Transactional data is any operation, movement and consultation associated with any of the services and administrative procedures that a user maintains with the Ministry.
  • Socioeconomic and labour data.
  • Legal representation data

Data Controllers

The personal data processing activities correspond to different Treatment Managers, depending on the service provided by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Revolution.

What is the Purpose of Data Protection?

Organizations can use storage technologies to protect data, including tape or disk backup that copies selected information to a disk-based storage array or tape cartridge device so it can be stored securely. A tape-based backup is a solid option for data protection against cyberattacks. Although tapes can be slow to access, they are movable and integrally offline when not loaded into a drive and, therefore, safe from fears over a network.

Organizations can use emulating to create an exact copy of a website or files to be available in more than one place.

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Data Portability – Data Protection Write for us

Data portability—the ability to move data between different application programs, computing environments, or cloud services—presents another set of data protection issues and solutions. Cloud-based computing makes it likely for customers to expedition data and applications between cloud service workers. On the other hand, it requires protection against data duplication.

Enterprise Data Protection Plans

New data protection storage comprises an integrated system that complements or substitutes backups and protects in contradiction of the potential problems described below.

Media Failure

The goal is to make data available even if a storage device fails. Synchronous mirroring is a method in which data is written to an occupant disk and a remote site simultaneously. The write is not considered complete until an acknowledgement is sent from a distant place, safeguarding that the two sites are always equal. Mirroring requires a 100% capacity overhead.

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