Zeni aipowered series capitalhalltechcrunch: Zeni is a fintech business with real-time financial services to support startups of other industries. There is $34 million in series B funding controlled by Elevation Capital

The new funding comes within five months of Zeni announcing $13.5 million in a joint seed and Series A round. The business has now grown to $47.5 million

It was co-originated in 2019 by two brothers, Swapnil Shinde and Snehal Shinde. Elevation was combined in the new circular by new investors. Think that Funds and Neeraj Arora

As Well As Present Investors

Saama Capital, Amit Singhal, Sierra Ventures, Twin Ventures, Dragon Investment and Liquid 2 Undertakings. A portion of the investment, Ravi Adusumalli, director and managing partner at Elevation Capital

Zeni Launches AI-Powered Finance Concierge for Startups

Zeni Launches AI-Powered Finance Concierge for Startups

Zeni has professional rapid growth and acceptance since onboarding its first salaried customers in January 2020. Today dealing more than $200 million in capital each month across extra than 100 startup customers.

Consuming a whole Zeni aipowered series capitalhalltechcrunch mixture of AI and a loyal team of skilled finance experts, Zeni’s full-provision finance helper makes daily accounting and achieves all other financial wants of its customers.

The speed and correctness of this method give startup creators real-time admission to key financial visions via the Zeni Dashboard with burn amount, working expenses, cash/card balance, income by product, month-end reports, etc.

AI-powered ZENI raised US$34 million in a Series-B funding

AI-powered ZENI raised US$34 million in a Series-B funding

AI-powered finance concierge Zeni has raised US$34 million in a Series B funding circular controlled by Elevation Capital with contributions from new depositors Think Funds and Neeraj Arora.

Zeni is a bookkeeping and accounting stage that offers real-time visions and flux study of a company’s key fiscal metrics via its AI-powered Zeni Dashboard.

And with Cash In and Cash Out analysis, Universal Search of transactions across a startup’s entire finance stack. Spending and Income Trends for every customer and vendor in their ecosystem, and more.

Zeni achieves all finance-linked on behalf of its startup clients for a level monthly fee as part of its accounting and CFO services

Bill Pay and Invoice

  • Expense and Receipt Managing
  • Financial Projections, Budgeting, and FP&A Support
  • Payroll Management
  • Real-Time Broadcasting via Zeni Dashboard
  • Monthly Financial Reports
  • Annual Taxes and R&D Credit

Zeni raises $13.5M to automate bookkeeping with AI

Zeni raises $13.5M to automate bookkeeping with AI


Zeni, an AI-powered finance helper for startups, Zeni raised $13.5 million in a series A round led by Saama Capital. The company says this will boost the launch of its new product, Zeni, a smart bookkeeping, accounting, and CFO facility available to startups in the U.S.

Lessons display the vast popularity of day-to-day accounting responsibilities that can be automatic with software. That may be why complete 50% of the accused, in a review led by the Suggestion of Let Certified Accountants, said they do in advance the growth of automatic and smart services will have an important power on accounting dealings completed the next 30 years.

Announcing Zeni’s $34M Series B Funding

Announcing Zeni's $34M Series B Funding

Zeni has to grow a $34M Series B round led by Boost Capital with contributions from new investors Think Funds and Neeraj Arora. This capital will help us take our smart bookkeeping and accounting stage and services to extra clients and back the Zeni team.

Past few months, we’ve seen a big request from startups to digitalize. Systematize their business finances—Top Zeni to knowledge 550% income development and 375% client rising year-over-year.

Zeni achieves more than $500 million in capital each month with more than 100 startup customers or clients, from pre-income startups to businesses making more than $100 million in annual income.

What is Capital Hall?

What is Capital Hall

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How does Capital Hall work?

How does Capital Hall work

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Position economically in real period is solid to do; generally, you grow that data at the end of the month,” Lilani said. “I believe we have the chance to shape a big company. Though Zeni aipowered series capitalhalltechcrunch is going after startups today, the small and average marketplaces can be leveraged. As they grow, Zeni will develop their manager on the back end