www eyetexdsr com: It has been the flagship of the Eyetex Group of Companies, manufacturing cosmetics since 1938 when the Late Sri Vasudevan started to make Kajal. Initially, he manufactured Kajal (Kanmye / Katuka / Kankappu / Kanmashi / Kohi etc.) and Kumkum (Bindi) “Chandu” liquid in glass bottles. The Kajal was so famous that the brand Eyetex became synonymous with Kajal. With superior quality and unique processes, the Brand Eyetex gained immense popularity & was sold in the then Madras State only.


In March 1958, the current Promoter’s family of Late Sri A.V.Srinivasan acquired the business. The Firm expanded its Range and introduced the concept of Multi Coloured Kumkum in Liquid, Paste and Powder forms. The company expanded considerably with the launch of Kumkum (Bindi) preparations (Liquid Kumkum, Kumkum Paste, Kumkum Powder, Sticker Kumkum, Multi-color Kumkum liquid, Kumkum pencils), Eyebrow Pencils and Eyeliner liquid all under the brand name Eyetex.

The early seventies saw the introduction of Matt Finish Kumkum in Plastic Tubes in two sizes under three sub-brands Poornima, Divyaa and Pallavi. The mid-eighties saw the launch of Kumkum Stickers under the Pallavi sub-Brand. This was converted to a 2 in 1 pack selling double the number of Kumkum Stickers Spots in all sizes to the Consumers for the same MRP of the single pack or a concept of “Buy 1 Take 1 Free” in India back in 1995! It became so popular over the years that we have expanded it to 3 in 1 Pack! Brand Eyetex became a living legend for the Traditional or “Religious” Range of Cosmetics.


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