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This article provides the latest information about PUBG Mobile and Free Fire. He will share information about the new offers for both games, including suggestions for FF diamonds, FF coins, weapons, and prizes. This information is shared with FF contests and redemption codes.

Game Rajkotupdates.news Garena Free Fire and PUBG India are free downloadable mobile apps. This game offers more than just shooting, and it also requires strategy. Below are the details compiled by booksinbloom.org and the pubg free fire team

Free Fire Is Banned In India In A New Retaliation From Chinese Apps

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The most popular mobile game in Brazil, Free Fire, developed by Garena, has just been banned in India. The game is one of the components of a list of 54 apps of Chinese origin or connection that will no longer be able to be marketed in the country, following a strict recommendation of the Indian Ministry of the Interior. It  is another retaliation for China, which began in 2020 with the ban on famous titles like PUBG and Tik Tok

Ban Recommendation

The ban recommendation was made by India’s Home Ministry, keeping in mind Section 69A of the Information Technology Act, which allows the country to “stop, monitor or decrypt any information through any computerized resource.” This article comes into force when the government believes in the requirement to “act in the interest of national sovereignty or integrity

Success In Brazil And World Champion

The Garena game continues to rise, one of the most common entertainment alternatives for many Brazilians. Around here, the Tupiniquim public has become accustomed to, in addition to playing and watching the official competitions

Garena free fire & pubg india

Free Fire PL 2019 Breaks Record

The official broadcast of Free Fire PL 2019 League set YouTube viewing records

Free Fire World Sequence 2022 Will Take Place In May

Free Fire World Series 2022 already has a date to happen

Best Non-Chinese PUBG Mobile Alternatives: Games Like PUBG

PUBG Mobile is a very popular game with millions of players worldwide. However, the Indian government recently decided to ban the free-to-play battle royale game due to its association with China. In India, the #PUBGBAN hashtag was popular because many people wanted the government to ban the game like the Chinese app The Other 59, and their requests seem to have been answered

Some PUBG Mobile Replacements Games

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Garena Free Fire

garena free fire

This games is a free battle royale game for Android and iOS devices. Garena, a Singapore-based company, published Free Fire and Vietnam-based 111dots Studios and led the game’s development.

Free Fire’s game mechanics are very similar to those of PUBG Mobile. However, instead of 100 players, Garena Free Fire consists of 50 players fighting each other for survival.

PUBG Mobile players may hate Free Fire due to its mediocre graphics, but no one can deny that the game is very popular and has a huge player base. For example, Garena Free Fire was the most downloaded mobile game of 2019

Call of Duty: Mobile

call of duty mobile

If you play PUBG Mobile, you must know the game  Call of Duty: Mobile. It is because Call of Duty Mobile is the only battle royale game that stands out in the competition against PUBG Mobile.

Like PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile is Also by a subsidiary of Tencent Games, TiMi Studios; however, the game was published under the banner of Activision, a US-based company. In short, even though Activision pays a small part of the revenue to Tencent for its development, the game is wholly owned by Activision.



Fortnite has been developed and published by Epic Games, an American company. It is one of the biggest competitors to PUBG for PC and dedicated game consoles. On the other hand, the mobile version of Fortnite lags far behind COD Mobile and PUBG Mobile in terms of the player base. It’s a great game, though, and if you’re not a fan of the other PUBG Mobile alternatives we’ve mentioned above, you can probably try Fortnite.

Garena Free Fire Unban Date

Garena Free Fire became one of the best Battle Royale games last year. They suffered a huge setback after the Indian government removed it from all platforms. However, fans are looking for answers to only one question. The question is when we will see the return of the game. There are also some official statements from Free Fire officials after the ban. So let us know more about Free Fire unban date in detail.


Garena officials said that they are aware that the game is currently not available on the Google Play store and iOS app stores in India. In addition, it is currently not operational for users in the country. They are working tirelessly to address this situation.

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