You know that Dainikshiksha is one of the most educational online magazines in the country. This magazine has been giving important news to all teachers and students in the country for ten years. You can discover all the news about education through this magazine. Siddiqur Rahman Khan is a publisher and also founding president of the Association of Educational Reporters. In addition, dainikshiksha is a moderator for live sessions on YouTube and Facebook.

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This magazine also launches secession live on Facebook and secession live on youtube, where students, teachers and also staff of educational institutions can express their pros and cons by commenting. To participate in this secession, they must subscribe to their youtube channel and also join their Facebook page. To instantly join a live session, you need to activate the bell button. By doing so, they notify you of all the videos on your smartphone or computer. By staying tuned to Daily Shiksha, we can get all Shiksha news first. Let’s see what kind of data we can find in the magazine.

Know the details about :

Different Examinations’ information

Admission’s updates

Primary school activities

MPO information


Different jobs’ news

Teachers’ registration information

Madrasha’s news

Associations’ news

Ministry of Primary Education’s information

Primary School’s news

High School’s news

Colleges’ news

Teacher’s Salary updates

Education Minister’s update information

School & college vacation news

Online classes methods

National Programs

Different Examinations’ Information

_ Largest Educational News Portal in Bangladesh

The Dainikshiksha is full of different types of information about the exam. You can get all kinds of information from the review. This website provides information about the PEC exam, such as the exam routine, syllabus, and duration. Dainikshiksha also accumulates a large amount of information from the exam. At the same time, we can get data about the upcoming SSC exam routine, schedule and suggestions. Dainikshiksha also get information about the JSC exam schedule and its book list, exam duration, date and time. At the same time, the journal’s website offers the Master’s registration exam, BCS exams, BUET exam updates and more. related to exams.

Admission’s Updates

This Dainikshiksha educational website also offers all kinds of up-to-date admissions information. By logging into this educational dainikshiksha website, we can get all kinds of admissions news that are supposed to take place in the future. Many students, parents, and teachers are easily aware of upcoming admissions information. This educational website easily describes the process of completing the online admission form. Dainikshiksha and also the website shows the rule of sending money via Teletalk Sim. It not only shows the cancellation of admission form, but also the readmission rule. By browsing this educational site, a person comes into contact with the admission procedures within a very short time.

MPO information

You know Dainikshiksha that there are many Mpo and Non-Mpo institutions in our country. Some of them are MPOs and some of them are non-MPOs. Most of the staff of non-governmental institutions are still waiting for the news that it will be MPO. By keeping an eye on this educational website, you can easily get related information. Sometimes this Dainikshiksha educational website authority provides this information on youtube and facebook live.

University Information

Dainikshiksha provides information about different universities like National Universities, Public Universities, University of Dhaka, Rajshahi University. By browsing through this educational site, applicants can get up-to-date information about these colleges. It is full of information on opening and closing times. On the other hand, you can inform about the next admission system and the date.

Colleges’ News

Dainikshiksha has been reporting for a long time since college. In fact, by connecting to this magazine, a news search engine can collect all the news in this sector. The educational website provides detailed information about the upcoming new program. Additionally, this website provides up-to-date information on when the exams will take place this year.

Different kinds of Jobs News

information about the primary exam for the third phase of hiring assistant teachers in public schools can be found via Dainikshiksha. It shows how many candidates from different districts take the exam. Indicates how to issue admission cards for the next exam.

High School’s News

This educational site has been providing news about the Lycée for a long time. In fact, by logging into this Dainikshiksha, a news seeker can collect all the updates in this sector. The educational website,, provides detailed information about the upcoming new program. In addition, this website provides up-to-date information on when the exams will take place this year.

Ministry of Primary Education’s Information

The Ministry of Primary and Meuse is doing great things in implementing the primary education policy. And at the same time, it’s local. The Ministry guarantees ten years of compulsory education, five years at primary level and five years at secondary level. This ministry predestines study projects, books and vacations. It forms Compulsory Primary Education Units.

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However, the goal of the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education is to establish a competent knowledge-based and technology-driven society so that it can ensure that all school-aged children have access to primary-level facilities. In this way, it provides all the necessary facilities for the school to achieve quality education.

Primary School’s News

This educational site has been providing elementary school news for a long time. In fact, by connecting with Dainikshiksha, a news browser can collect all the updates in this sector. The educational website provides detailed information about the upcoming new program. In addition, this website provides up-to-date information on when the exams will take place this year. Once again, this helpful website not only provides information on the distribution of test results but also shows sample questions.

Teacher’s Salary Updates

Teacher salary updates can also be found on this educational website. You often see that the government has increased teachers’ salaries and given them a new pay scale. By connecting to this educational website, Dainikshiksha teachers from and also all over the country can learn more easily.

Education Minister’s update Information

We sometimes see our Minister of Education giving all kinds of instructions concerning education. By logging into this educational website, you can easily get the information as soon as you ask for it. You may notice that this educational website features a live secession from the Minister of Education.

School & College Vacation News

However, you may know that this website also provides vacation information. Sometimes you see that certain vacations are added to our vacation total. Dainikshiksha with the help of this website, Dainikshiksha can instantly find all kinds of Christmas news.

Online Classes Methods

Most school authorities are teaching online during the CoronaVirus pandemic. This educational website teaches teachers how to teach online through the Zoom app and Google Meet. Looking at this guideline, teachers and also students have undoubtedly benefited greatly.

Dainikshiksha Headquarters

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