CricBuzz is an online sports news entry and app that completely covers cricket news. The portal offers content in the form of featured articles, breaking news, live coverage of cricket matches, player ratings and team rankings.

Live Cricket Score Cricbuzz

Live Cricket Score Cricbuzz


it is Indian cricket news site owned by Times Internet. Includes news, features and live cricket match coverage counting videos, text observation, player stats and team standings. This site is also offers a mobile app. It is one of the greatest general mobile app for cricket news and scores in India. The site was the 7th most searched site in India in 2014. The mobile app had over 100 million transfers as of February 2022 and the website is used by over 50 million users globally, generating 2.6 billion page views in January 2015.

Get live cricket scores, tableaux de bord, domestic and international cricket match schedules, as well as the latest cricket news, videos and lessons from ICC de joueurs on it. is a great platform for cricket news and details of live cricket as like live scores and past matches records. This website is basically great for cricket lovers because here we can see the live matches details scores and all the matches which will be played before and we can see next coming matches details

Cricbuzz Live Score

In the we know the all international and domestic player details like how matches they played and what record they made in domestic or international cricket matches.

There’s cricket news are really fantastic because they provide original news and updates about cricket matches. I will be sharing my opinions and experience concerning an app which is used by cricket lovers the most that are Crickbuzz. It’s an app which gives live updates about the score of which the matches are being played live. It gives details of every ball, it’s like you are reading the commentary. I am using the app for about 4 years now and when I think of checking score my priority bis Crickbuzz app.

Cricbuzz App Live Score

The app is very accurate, simple to use and user friendly. It also shows a complete summary of the match as well as per match talks and posts match talks as well. All cricket match is being played at the same time then all the matches score are available and all the details to. It also adds some clips from the matches and post matches to.

A very good app to use and must for cricket lovers

Which is Better, Cricinfo or CricBuzz?

Originally Answered: Cricinfo or Cricbuzz, Which is Better?

ESPN cricinfo has become a giant in the field of cricket media. It is no longer just a cricket coverage website. Here are some reasons why it is superior to all other sites in its category:


Pioneer of ball-by-ball cricket commentary. Tireless, high-quality commentary that replaces every time we don’t have a TV. This includes detailed live stats and reader feedback.


A stats engine so powerful it will blow your mind. They keep records of almost every match that takes place around the world. Plus, they have an awesome stat filter, where your inner stat freak can spend forever. Want to know how well Kohli scored when he beat Australia’s No.7? Easy access.


They get the best from writers, experts, and former players to write about a variety of topics. From regular reports on Le Cordon, home to some of the brightest articles you’ll see, to the ever-refreshing satire of cricket.

Top 10 Competitors

Top 10 Competitors


The Top 10 Sites Like in July 2022 are ranked by their affinity to in terms of keyword traffic, audience targeting, and market overlap

The top 5 competitors as of July 2022 are:,,, and more.

According to being software data on monthly visits, the main competitor of in August 2022 is with 133.5 million visits. The second most similar site is, with 10.1 million visits as of August 2022, and the top 3 is with 24.5 million. is ranked fourth most similar website to and is ranked fifth. and received 8.8 million visits and 2.9 million visits respectively in August 2022.

Live Cricket Score Cricbuzz

It take days to write about all the wonders Cricinfo has to offer. It might be great for following games, but Cricinfo is the sacred deity of cricket fans. It’s not just a sports venue, it’s a cricketer’s paradise, an integral part of any cricketer’s life.

Why would anyone buy ‘Cricbuzz Plus’ when everything it offers is available for free elsewhere?

Crickbuzz plus something new from crickbuzz that lets you see highlights from every wicket and special moments from only selected Indian matches. It allows you to read exclusive cricket articles and many other features, but it mostly removes all plugins.

How CricBuzz Turn Out to be the Biggest Cricketing?

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We all love to watch and play cricket, don’t we? “Cricket is my favorite sport,” shouted a local boy. Of course, he’s almost everyone’s favorite athlete! Imagine when the last IPL comes on and there is a power outage. Can you imagine how boring that is for you, me or any cricket lover?

Either way, worry no more. It is an Indian cricket news stage. It will deliver you with all the wanted information you really want, in the occasion of a power outage or if you are far from the station without a TV.

CricBuzz Creators and Team

Pankaj Chhaparwal and Pravin Hedge are the creators of it.

Pankaj Chhaparwal is the originator and CEO of it. He himself has worked here from the beginning. To date, 16 years and 7 months have passed. He continued his education at LD College of Engineering, University of Gujarat.

STAR took Piyush Agarwal. He continued his studies at the Indian Institute of Technology, Benaras Hindu University.

Pravin Hegde is Co-Founder and CTO of CricBuzz

Sarah Waris is a freelance contributor for it. She combined the company in March 2019.

Abhideep Das is a Content Planner and Senior Producer at it. Previously, he was creative digital content producer for Kolkata Knight Riders. He was also an editorial consultant for Bayside Media Private Limited.

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