Best DJ Mixers is the main element of any DJ’s setup since, thanks to it, it is possible to control the music and create unique sounds that encourage the public.

And although, at first glance, the DJ mixer for beginners may seem very difficult to handle, the controls and buttons that make it up depend on the model. However, the reality is that today, thanks to elements such as automatic synchronization or intelligent tracks, it is much easier to handle.

Top Best DJ Mixers

DJ Mixers

Pioneer DJM450

It is one of the best quality/price models in the beginner range of the renowned Pioneer brand. It features a stripped-down version of their flagship mixer at a much lower price.

However, Is fully licensed with Rekordbox and includes DVS and excellent FX integration. Thanks to its integrated 24-bit sound card, it offers high-quality sound. Which, together with its 3-band faders and equalizers, make it one of the most complete on the market.

Pioneer Layout

The easy and intuitive design of the brand, it also straightforward to move to higher range equipment if you have started with this DJ mixer for beginners.

Effects. It has a sample of the impact with excellent sound quality, is easy to use, and varieties it calmer for you to take the step to a superior range of the brand.


Ideal for those DJs who like to do smooth transitions and scratch.

Numark Scratch

The Numark Scratch has characterized as an excellent DJ mixer for beginners thanks to its two channels, its also has three-band EQs, its in-line faders and its controls that allow straightforward track changes

Simple Design

This mixer stands out for its simplicity and very intuitive layout.

Performance Pads

It has a total of 4 places for each channel.


It has an exciting and fun variety of products that will allow you to make very creative mixes.

Allen & Heath Xone 23

Its two channels, its solid construction, the great EQ, and the UV sensitive markings are just about of the structures that make this mixer an excellent choice as a DJ mixer for beginners.

Sound Quality

This mixer offers an obvious and excellent sound thanks to its integrated sound card.


It is a superior construction with great attention to all the details that make it up.

Microphone Equalizer

It has a two-band compensation to the microphone channel challenging to see in other models.

Tips For Buying The Best DJ Mixers

Volume Meters

Another must-have for every beginner DJ mixer is a volume meter.

Thanks to this visual indicator, you can very easily control the output level of the music that is being played at that moment.


It is also significant when selecting a DJ mixer for beginners that it has an equalizer on each channel. These are usually three bands, allowing control of high, medium and low frequencies.

Jog Wheels

The jog wheels are the circular plates that allow you to control the tracks and make sound effects such as scratching. Its design also mimics the traditional turntable plates where the types of vinyl are placed to be able to play them


Although the DJ mixer for beginners may seem very difficult to handle at first glance due to all the controls and buttons that make it up depending on the model. The reality is that today, thanks to elements such as automatic synchronization or intelligent tracks.